Call for Nominations for Open Board and Officer Positions 2018

Board Openings


The President-elect shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President or in the event of the President’s inability or refusal to act.  The President-elect shall act as liaison to the Education & Event Planning Committee and shall forward all Program Planning committee recommendations.  Both the Distinguished Services Chair/Committee and the Mentorship Chair/Committee will report to The President-Elect. The President-elect shall also forward all recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval and perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.


The Treasurer shall have charge and custody of and be responsible for all funds and securities of ACHENJ, and, in general, perform all of the duties incidental to the office of Treasurer including monitoring the annual audit and other duties as may be assigned by the President or in consultation with the Chapter Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing financial statements upon completion of the fiscal year. These statements are to include an annual Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenue and Expenses. The Treasurer shall also prepare for the Board of Directors monthly financial statements.

First Member-At-Large

The First Member-At-Large shall act as chair to the Scholarship Committee as well as the Wishes Come True Committee and shall forward such Committee recommendations and actions to the Chapter Board of Directors for approval.  The First Member-At-Large shall also perform other duties as may be assigned by the President or Chapter Board of Directors.


All active members of the Chapter are eligible to be nominated for office with the following requirements:

  1. The nominees for Officer positions, including President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary, must have served as a Board Member for a period of at least two years prior to nomination and must be members of the Chapter;
  2. The nominees for the Committee Chairs/Co-Chairs, 1st Member at Large and Second Member at Large must be members of the Chapter and regularly participating members of any committee or actively involved in the organization’s work for a period of at least one year prior to nomination.

Election Process

The Nominating committee will oversee the election process. Candidates must meet the previously delineated requirements of office. Write in candidates meeting nomination requirements can be accepted only during the call for nominations, but not during the actual vote.

The Nominating Committee will ask all candidates to provide their Bio, a photograph, and a statement of their qualifications and why they want to serve for a specific position.   Nominations to be submitted to Céu Cirne-Neves, FACHE, Chair, Nominations Committee, at by February 16, 2018.

The election results will be reported in March. Terms of office for Board of Directors shall be for two years, from June 1 through May 31, except for President elect, President, and immediate past president where there each office is held for one year, for a combined three-year commitment.

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